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SUCCESS STORY // Cristina Boicu: ,,Everything is in your hands!"

Being healthy has become a priority for many of us. For Cristina Boicu from Telita Village, Anenii Noi District, this has become a way of life and made the beginning of a 100% organic business. Winning one of the grants offered by the EU-UNDP project “Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme”, implemented by Business Consulting Institute, has offered her the opportunity to start her own business.   

Cristina and her family eat healthy and noticed that ecological products are scarcely available on the market, so her business idea was to grow greenhouse organic vegetables.

She has used the received grant of 225,000 MDL to purchase two greenhouses with an area of 540 m². Greenhouses were installed and seedlings cultivated during the next two months. "We were confronted with some problems, but we easily overcome them with the experts’ support," she said.  

According to Cristina, the key to a successful business was to be entirely supported by family and the experts in charge. She is deeply grateful to her husband, who helps her a lot with this business, and the mentor Ludmila Stihi, recommended by BCI, who advises her whenever necessary.

Cristina’s business does not require permanent employees, as she manages the greenhouses with her husband’s help. They only employ seasonal workers to pick the vegetables.

At the moment the vegetables have almost reached maturity and some could be harvested by the end of June.

Cristina hopes that her great experience will inspire young, creative and hard-working people. “I am sure many young people have business ideas, but still have some doubts. They shouldn’t let fear stop them and give up on their dreams, as everything is in their hands."