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Projects and socio-economic strategies under development for Gagauzia and Taraclia district

Several localities from the South region will have access to services of better quality, within a joint project aiming to create an intermunicipal service enterprise. The mayors from Vinogradovca, Budai, Musaitu, Salcia (Taraclia), Carbalia (Vulcanesti) and Burlaceni (Cahul) met today, at Vinogradovca, to discuss the procedures related to establishing a municipal enterprise and to sign a cooperation agreement. They have also discussed about necessary funding to be provided by each local administration, the volume of services for each locality, equipment to be procured, prices and further steps to be taken. The Project is strongly supported by these localities, as it will solve the pressing problem of waste management and environment protection.


Other consultants met with the working group created at Etulia, Vulcanesti and discussed the progress achieved in their work on the new local development strategy, and defined the activities that will contribute to its implementation.


The working group in Taraclia also had a new meeting, with the following subjects on the agenda: the SEDS methodology, the main conclusions of the socio-economic analysis, the SWOT analysis, key indicators of district development, the mission, strategic objectives and priorities of Taraclia District’s strategy.


All these activities are financially supported by the European Union through the SARD Project of UNDP Moldova. The activities are implemented by Business Consulting Institute.


A meeting of Gagauzia’s Regional Development Council took place today within another project, supported by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).  Mihai Roşcovan, BCI Chairman, spoke about the Regional Development Strategy of Gagauzia, currently under development, presenting its structure, principles and its writing stages, the structure of the working group. At the same meeting, the Chairman of the working group presented the projects to be included in the Operational Plan and the Unique Programming Document.