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Business planning

Do you have an idea of business to launch? Would you want to convince investors, shareholders or creditors that your business can become successful? A business plan is an obligatory tool to present your ideas or your project and is the way in which you plan its growth.

A business plan can be carried out for a running business as well as for a business which you would like to launch, and it takes into account the profile of the business, its objectives and the goal you set in implementing it. Business planning is essential for the efficient functioning of all types of companies.


What we offer

BCI consultants will help you prepare the documents necessary in planning the development stages and the success of your business.    


Content of the business plan

The content of a business plan may vary, but it generally contains:

  • A summary
  • The description of the business
  • The team and the management of the company
  • The presentation of products and/or services
  • A market analysis
  • The description of the investment
  • The strategy of the business and its implementation
  • Financial forecast
  • Annexes and other documents